Inspiring Future Engineers!

Students in 8th grade physical science started the school year with a bridge building competition. The boys worked with their table partners to build a popsicle stick bridge that had to follow specific guidelines: the bridges had to be 24” in length, they could use up to 300 grams of popsicle sticks and they all used the same wood glue. Students could choose their own design although they were given several examples on paper and in a video. It was recommended they design their bridge on paper first before building.


The whole project took about a week and a half and was a blast! The BIG competition, when we loaded weights on top of the bridges, was on Tuesday, September 20th. The goal was to see how much weight each bridge could hold before it collapsed. Our first block winners were David Zhang and Duncan Angiuli at 365 pounds and our third block winners were Elian Sundquist and Nathan Smith at 372 ½ pounds. In both cases the bridges did not break! We ran out of weights to add to them, so we will do a final competition in October with these two bridges. We will also determine each bridge’s efficiency rating for all of the bridges at that time. Way to go, future engineers!

David and Duncan
Elian and Nathan