Fall Focus Day Highlights

King’s High School students participated in Fall Focus Day this week. During the school day each class engaged in activities that focus on preparing them for college life and beyond.

  • 9th Grade:  Freshmen visited two college campuses; Shoreline Community and the University of Washington. Our goal is to help them begin looking beyond 9th grade and to encourage them to develop strengths and passions that will help them find the best fit college.
  • 10th Grade:  Sophomores took the Aspire exam, a standardized test closely related to the ACT college entrance exam. They also had a brain break activity in the afternoon.
  • 11th Grade:  Juniors took the PSAT. They spent the afternoon hearing from visiting college representatives.
  • 12th Grade:  Seniors spent the morning rotating between three life skills seminars. In the afternoon they heard from visiting colleges.

    King’s freshmen visit the University of Washington

WSECU orchestrated a life skills seminar for seniors that demonstrated budgeting techniques they’ll need once they graduate from college. Each student was assigned an entry level career, a credit score and a salary. They then visited tables, which were set up around the library, to make decisions about housing, transportation, communication, clothing and fun things like travel or getting a pet. There was even a “life happens” table with mystery cards that students turned over with events like “transmission goes out on your car, pay $3,000” or “friend finally pays back $100 they owed you.” Once students completed a life plan, they met with a financial advisor to decide if they had budgeted wisely, needed a 2nd job or loan or could start saving money. A big thanks to WSECU and to the many volunteers who helped to make this happen.

fall-focus-seniors-part-time fall-focus-seniors-life-happens fall-focus-seniors-credit-union fall-focus-2

For more information, read our latest blog post How to best help your student in the college process by King’s College Counselor Kellie Lewis.