Microsoft Visitors Share Career Insights & Sway

This week, King’s hosted 34 Microsoft engineers, designers, programmers and marketers/directors. These guests visited classrooms, sharing information with students from elementary to high school about potential career paths in technology, including gaming, coding and software development, and discussing with students how they use mobile devices. They taught a basic introduction to Sway software and allowed students to explore using Sway in a variety of ways. Microsoft also hosted a question and answer session for seniors during lunch (provided free by Microsoft), which included a Women in STEM discussion table. All the visitors emphatically emphasized how wonderful our campus and students were the entire day.


  • 70 plus students engaged with Microsoft engineers, designers, program managers etc… during lunch.
  • Students were able to hear a fantastic introduction from our Executive Vice President and COO, Deb Limb, who effectively stressed the importance of following your dreams in the field of STEM and following God’s call to strengthen and embrace your gifts.
  • Art and photography students were shown new and exciting ways to promote their art work with digital portfolios.
  • 7th and 8th grade students were able to learn and showcase their accomplishments in using SWAY.
  • Marketing students were able to sit down and engage with program directors from Microsoft during lunch
  • 5th grade students received some one-on-one SWAY training from Microsoft Office 365 designers.
  • Students had Q&A sessions/panels with technical engineers and discussed mobile tech and how Microsoft can improve on their products.
  • Microsoft teams were able to observe and interact with students who use Office 365 products including SWAY, OneNote, Microsoft Video, Word, Snip, OneDrive and more.
  • 6th Grade students were able to showcase their use of Microsoft Video for filming and sharing classroom projects on their teacher’s channel. Other 6th graders shared their use of other online Office 365 tools.
  • Bible students shared their use of mobile devices and note taking in OneNote. This was remarked by the Microsoft staff as very innovative.
  • And many others.

To learn more about how King’s is introducing Sway and other Microsoft Office software to students, watch this video:

microsoft-elementary  microsoft-library-2microsoft-library  microsoft-lunchmicrosoft-elementary-2-cropped