Students Grow Their Own Lunch

Gardening is an important part of school for King’s 2nd graders and on Thanksgiving week they tasted the fruit, or rather veggies, of their labor. On Tuesday, lunch included green beans harvested from the 2nd grade gardens over the summer!  Many of the current 3rd graders helped plant those beans last Spring and some of them even helped to harvest them!

green-beans-small-plants green-beans-quinn-jpg

As gardeners, King’s students learn about plant life cycles, soil composition, how to care for a garden and the connection between producers and the marketplace.

green-bean-seeds green-beans-mature

This year, King’s 2nd graders planted lavender. Lavender is a hardy plant that does well in our climate. It can be planted in the fall and harvested in late spring of the same school year. When the plants are mature, students will create items with the harvested lavender, giving them the chance to become producers. Then they’ll vote on what to do with their lavender products.