King’s Preschoolers Spend Their Autumn Blessing Others

King’s Preschoolers are learning a lot about serving others, and they frequently bless people at CRISTA and in our community. Last month, they visited many CRISTA offices handing out small ornaments with words like “hope,” “love” and “faith” and praying individually for people. Last week, they sang Christmas songs for the “grandmas and grandpas” at CRISTA Senior Living.

During the month of December, King’s Preschool collected new fall and winter clothing, shoes, diapers, toys, pajamas and gift cards for Hand In Hand’s Safe Place. Hand In Hand is an organization that provides emergency care for children 12 and under who have been removed from their homes due to neglect/abuse. These kids are often taken quickly from their homes and leave with little or nothing of their own. They are then placed at Safe Place until their social worker can find them a more permanent foster home. Hand In Hand is always looking for donations for the kids who come to Safe Place, but in December, they also provide food and a free store where families in need can go shop for new clothes and toys to give their children for Christmas.  This month, the preschool raised over $400 dollars’ worth of clothes, pajamas, shoes, toys, diapers and gift cards. Many of our students even did chores and brought money from their own piggy banks to help buy items to donate. We are so proud of these little ones and their desire to share God’s love!

If you would like to know more about Hand In Hand, here is a link to their website: