Sixth Grade Transformed Into Ancient Egypt Museum!

King’s students, parents and teachers had the rare opportunity of visiting a unique, on-campus museum this week. As part of our 6th-graders’ study of ancient Egypt, students spent two weeks researching in groups or “rooms” (Agriculture room, Written Language room, Architecture room, Gods and Government room, Inventions room) and created/presented artifacts reflective of Ancient Egypt in a culminating museum project. Artifacts included golden masks, jewelry, pots, a model pyramid… even an anatomically correct mummy. Pretty spectacular!

“The funniest part was creating a mummy replica,” reflected Teacher Mr. Teeter. “We had one student wrapped in plastic wrap and then covered in packing tape.”


More than 200 students (K-5th grade) came through to visit the museum.  The sixth graders were experts on their specific rooms and were responsible for teaching the patrons all about their artifacts.  In-between visiting classes, the sixth graders took notes on their classmates’ projects for an upcoming unit test on Ancient Egypt.

TONS OF FUN! (Click here to take a virtual museum tour!)