Trip to State Capital Brings Government Studies to Life

This week, King’s fifth graders traveled to our state’s capital on an extended learning trip that brought their studies of Washington State government to life. Seeing the amazing sights and meeting the people in Olympia helped students to apply their knowledge of the three branches of government: Legislative, Judicial and Executive. They also learned the process by which a bill becomes a law and the procedures for initiatives and referendums. They toured the Governor’s office, State Treasurer’s office, Temple of Justice and the House and Senate floors.

Teachers wanted the students to know that they have a way to share ideas and concerns about their districts. Students emailed the legislators within their districts to see if they would be willing to meet up at the capitol. Marko Liias and Stram Peterson from district 21, Cindy Ryu from disctrict 32, Reuven Carlyle from district 36, Ruth Kagi from district 32, David Frockt from district 46 and Mark Harmsworth from district 44 all met with our students.

Dinner at Izzy’s capped off the group’s trip. Most students commented on the vastness of the capitol building itself. Many expressed surprise to hear that the main chandelier could fit a VW Bug inside of it. That is impressive!