High School Weekly News | April 14

Please contact Judy Kelly jkelly@kingsschools.org if you have any questions!

Feature photo, above, is of our students who took a mission trip to Cuba over Spring Break.

Sophomore Parent Night
Save the date for Sophomore Parent Night planned for Tuesday, April 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the Library Commons. Hear from our counseling team about what to expect as your sophomore prepares to move into the second half of his or her high school experience. A Kaplan representative will be here to talk about the ASPIRE test the students took in October and what you can learn from their scores (which you will receive that evening). All three counselors will talk about specific topics connected to your student’s junior year. Lots of helpful information will be provided so you won’t want to miss this meeting!

Want to be a cheerleader for the 2017-2018 school year?  Tryouts are just around the corner! If you are interested in cheering for either fall OR winter season you are required to attend a lunch meeting in Ms. Wasson’s classroom in Ella K. Ness Hall Room 301 on April 25th.  In addition, there will be a mandatory parents’ meeting on April 25th at 7:00 pm in Ms. Wasson’s classroom in Ella K. Ness Hall Room 301 for parents/guardians of students interested in becoming a cheerleader. Tryouts will be May 22-25th from 3:15-5:00 in King’s Garden Gym.

Senior Girls
You are personally invited to Take Root, a women’s Christian conference centered on identity, relationship, and prayer. Take Root will be an all-day conference on May 13th from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm with a keynote speaker, worship, and small group sessions to help you grow more in your relationship with Christ. This will be an amazing opportunity to learn more about your identity and empower those in the community around you to chase after Jesus’ heart. We hope you will join us! Here is our website where you can register and learn more about the conference: http://www.takerootconference.com We hope to see you there!

Attendance Appeals Due Friday, April 21st
If you have received notification that your student has exceeded the number of allowable absences and you wish to appeal those absences, “Attendance Appeal” forms are available from Mrs. Kelly. The deadline to appeal absences for this semester is Friday, April 21st. Appeals received after the deadline will not be considered. As a reminder, the Attendance Policy is below.

Practice SAT & ACT Tests
King’s and Kaplan Test Prep are hosting two more practice tests this year for students looking to sit for a practice SAT or ACT. The tests are proctored in BNC room #202 from 9am-12:30pm.

King’s High School Attendance Policy

Tardies – Up to 5 minutes late blocks 1-4, up to 20 minutes late flex block

  • A maximum of (3) tardies each 9 week grading period in blocks 1-4 is allowed.
  • A maximum of (5) tardies each 9 week grading period in flex block is allowed.
  • There are no excused or unexcused tardies…tardy is tardy. If school personnel write a note excusing a student, then they are not marked tardy.
  • Once a student exceeds the maximum allowed number of tardies, the student must make up 20 minutes of time in lunch detention for each succeeding tardy.
  • Tardies cannot be appealed.

Excessive Absences – Both excused and unexcused count toward this total. The only absences that don’t count toward the total are school related absences

  • A maximum of (6) absences each 9 week grading period in blocks1-4 and flex block is allowed.
  • Once a student exceeds the maximum allowed number of absences, the student must make up 1 hour of time in Saturday School for each succeeding absence. There is a $5.00 per hour fee for Saturday School which will be added to your school bill.
  • Excessive absences can be appealed once during your high school career.

Unexcused Absences – Parents have two school days to excuse an absence by phone, e-mail, or note. After two school days have passed since the absence, it can no longer be excused. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm with the school office that all absences have been excused by a parent within two school days.

  • Any unexcused absence will result in ZERO credit for classes missed.
  • Unexcused absences cannot be appealed.

Prearranged Absences—Any time a student knows they will be absent for two or more days they should fill out a prearranged absence form in advance. Forms can be picked up from Mrs. White in the main office.