Spring Mission Trips 2017

2017 Spring Mission Trips

King’s High School students gathered at chapel this morning to hear from a panel of students about the mission trips that occurred over Spring Break. (Click here to see a slide show.) Below is a brief summary of where and how our teams served. Look for more details in the next issue of King’s Schools Connect, which will also include a summary of the King’s Elementary mission trip to Mexico!

Four King’s Social Justice Students traveled to the Web of Hope Villages in the Champasak Region and met with Lau youth. They spent 5 days discussing common issues in our societies and working together on ideas to solve these important issues. Their goal is to continue this dialogue, as they foster this relationship via exchange over language learning, identifying common goals and discovering how youth from both sides of the world can continue to grow as servant leaders.

16 students and 5 adults travelled to Oracabessa, St. Mary, Jamaica. They connected with the community of Jack’s River. The primary school there needed painting and a new cement sport court. The King’s team was able to fund a new sport court, lay its foundation and paint the outside of the primary school, bright blue, yellow and white. They also tutored and encouraged students who struggle with math and reading and engaged with them through sports and crafts.

The vision for the church in Cuba is to touch every life in every corner. Their strategy is to begin home churches. Once attendance reaches 12 members, they send out missionaries to neighboring villages to begin the next home church. The church is spreading from one to one. The country is a juxtaposition of dirt, poverty, old Chevy’s and horse drawn carts to incredible joy, life, family and community. Our students served by supporting, encouraging and participating in this overall vision. What a great trip!

Twenty students and teachers visited Beijing, Xian, Yantai and Shanghai. They had the privilege of bringing some much needed supplies and gifts to an orphanage in Xian. They were also able to visit and help out at a school where Teacher Gwen Gracey’s brother and sister-in-law work. It was a delight to interact with the teachers and students there, and they returned with wonderful memories of the lovely people they met along the way.

A team of 13 students and 2 leaders traveled to Managua, Nicaragua to serve alongside Connect Nicaragua. They met amazing Nicaraguan people who, though living in harsh conditions and deep poverty, live with much joy and trust. The team spent their mornings doing projects on the Connect Nicaragua property and afternoons serving in various local ministries. They saw a lot of poverty and living conditions that were difficult to take in. This trip helped them realize how blessed we are living in the U.S. and how much we take for granted.

For 11 days, 55 members of the King’s Schools family traveled to Israel and the West Bank following the path of Jesus. An unforgettable moment was the baptism of 25 students and parents in the Jordan River.  Their adventures were great, their fellowship was rich and their faith grew – Easter Sunday was particularly beautiful, as their eyes saw the Passion of Christ in technicolor, having walked in His footsteps the week before.

During spring break, KHS Live traveled to Chicago with the goal of humbly serving others in the name of Jesus. They spent the majority of their time working at a local church and with local homeless shelters. They served meals, performed in improv shows, cleaned out a dark and dirty church basement and simply got to know the people of Chicago on a deeper level.

Living Faith had an amazing time in Memphis, Tennessee. They partnered with local ministries: tutoring children, working in construction, praying over ministries, singing, and building relationships. God encountered them and worked through their group in many ways. They are truly grateful to all of the people and organizations that made it an unforgettable experience.