Introducing Our 2017 Distinguished Alumni: Kristen Miller

Photo courtesy of Becca Howell Photography

King’s Schools annually presents its Distinguished Alumni Award at the Awards Assembly on May 30th. The criteria for selection of our Distinguished Alumni is inspired by the four pillars of King’s Schools – Academic Excellence, Christian Commitment, Caring Community and Rich Heritage. This year we are proud to present the 2017 award to Kirsten Miller, King’s class of 1988.

Kirsten is one of the most genuine, upbeat people you’ll ever meet. You’ll find her positive outlook in every aspect of her life. She is a Godly woman who is determined and has never been afraid of hard work. She contributes her success in her professional career, charity work and family life to her upbringing, her experience at King’s, but most importantly her faith in Christ. Kirsten began attending King’s in 1980 in the 4th grade. The solid foundation in academics, friendship and faith she experienced at King’s gave her a sound basis to succeed after high school.

Kirsten is the President of Norpro, Inc.  Norpro is an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of thousands of kitchenware items, producing in over 20 countries and exporting to over 70 countries worldwide.  Kirsten has been with Norpro for 25 years where she has experienced solid company growth and strong bottom line results each year.

Kirsten began working at Norpro while attending King’s High School.  She continued with the company while completing her BA and MBA degrees in Business Management and Administration at Seattle Pacific University.  She has been serving as the President of the company since the late nineties with passion to see its growth and full potential reached.  In this role, her driven and optimistic attitude, combined with daily enthusiasm, continue to push Norpro towards innovative and quality products.

Kirsten is happily married to her college sweetheart.  She is a proud mother of four wonderful sons.  She committed her life to the Lord at the age of six, was raised in a solid, Christian home and has served Jesus all her life.  She is a woman of The Word, a woman of prayer and dedicated to investing in ministries that spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.