New Tech Ambassador Program Boosts Tech Support to King’s Community

This year, thirteen King’s High School students are participating in a new Tech Ambassadors class/internship, which will support students and teachers with Surface Pros and other tech devices used on campus. The class will research and learn the latest trends and technology, screen help requests, record help videos for high probably problems, and maintain a website that troubleshoots problems for teachers and students.

The class is taught by King’s Academic Technology Coordinator David Harcrow and Assistant Technology Specialist Simonette Sancho. Students started the program with a two-day training in late August, one day at King’s and one at the Microsoft store at U-village. Microsoft has agreed to provide additional training and ongoing support to students and our King’s community.


Tech Ambassador Student Sam Arnott signed up because he “loves serving others and it’s both a great way to learn and to teach people about technology.” Fellow student Anders Ruud agreed: “I joined because it would be fun to meet and work with a team that helps people understand tech.”

Danica Barwell is one of just two girl students who signed up for the class. When asked why she joined, she said, “So many jobs require tech. I hope to learn more and to help others improve their tech skills, too.” Ms. Sancho feels that more girls will sign up in the future as word gets out about this new program.

During their class blocks, Tech Ambassadors will respond to requests for help from students and teachers and help them troubleshoot technology. Initially, the students will shadow Mr. Harcrow and Ms. Sancho and learn the basic procedures for helping with high probability problems. In weeks ahead, they will respond and troubleshoot on their own.

For King’s Senior Andrew LaPrade, the Tech Ambassador class was an extension of his involvement with Link Crew, a group of students who welcome incoming freshmen and help them get connected. “I’ve been to many schools, including overseas, and it was always hard to adjust,” said Andrew. “When I came to King’s, it was the first time other students walked alongside me to help. I knew right away, I wanted to do that for other students. I also have a huge interest in tech and innovation going on in the world, so the Tech Ambassador program allows me to be involved in two things I love to do.”

Mr. Harcrow has set up a website at with step-by-step training videos and problem solving tips to help students, parents and faculty with their new Surface Pros. For additional help, please visit the Tech Ambassadors in the High School Learning Commons anytime during the school day. They also try to have someone there a little before and after school and during lunch break.