Armor Adventure: A Highlight of Junior High!

This week, our eighth grade students traveled to Stonewater Ranch near Leavenworth for the King’s annual Armor Adventure. The students camped in tents, climbed a rock face, river kayaked, hiked to Lake Valhalla, rode horses and experienced new challenges together. It’s always a great time of making new friends, challenging themselves and having a ton of fun!

Every student participates, boys and girls separately, along with the 8th grade teachers. Students (and teachers) of all abilities are successful. Rugged “outdoors kids” have just as much fun as those who have never pitched a tent or climbed a rock wall. The Stonewater staff does a remarkable job of making sure that every student has a safe and successful adventure.

Students Hayden Teeter and Campbell Wright said they had a great time. “It was fun being with all the guys and pushing each other to challenge ourselves and to do things we’re not always good at,” said Teeter. “It was really pretty up there,” added Campbell. “It was great to turn off our phones and have real fun rather than staring at our our devices.”

Stonewater Ranch is the home of Youth Dynamics, a Christian organization that specializes in outdoor adventures. The staff of Stonewater Ranch, highly trained experts in outdoor adventure, including first aid and safety, direct all of the activities and partner with King’s faculty to lead discussions and team building activities.  Our goal is for students to make new friends and become more unified as an entire class through physical challenges, spiritual encouragement and inspiring discussions.  In short, Armor Adventure sets a positive tone for each new school year.