King’s Pre-K Classes Raise Money to Support Hurricane Victims

This week, King’s Prekindergarten classes decided to do a service project to support hurricane relief in Texas. Each classroom chose to make different things to sell. Blue Room chose chocolate chip cookies, Orange Room made trail mix and Purple Room made s’more mix. Students learned about math and caring for others as they measured out ingredients and carefully packaged the items.

Victoria Gordon greeting PreK students at the CRISTA Admin Offices

As the students walked through CRISTA’s main administrative building, Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator Victoria Gordon and others came out to meet them. “What a blessing it was to have the preschoolers visit,” remarked Victoria. “They always bring hope and joy! I loved their enthusiasm about selling the cookies and snack bags. What a great way to cultivate caring hearts for people in need.”

International Student Coordinator Erica Largent added, “It was really cool to see preschoolers learning that they can make a difference… and they are just so cute! Who wouldn’t buy a treat from them?”

Parent Lisa Willis, who volunteered to help the class as it walked around the CRISTA campus, said that her son, Ryker, was excited about the project. “He came home and told us that they were going to help people in Texas whose houses got flooded in a storm,” she said. “He is familiar with Texas because his father travels there on business.

Together, the classes raised $256. The students have chosen to support the Texas Diaper Bank, an organization that provides diapers for babies, seniors, and disabled in the Houston area.

One student, Daniel, said, “When I grow tall, I can help people!” He was happy to learn that he didn’t need to wait.