King’s Mock Trial Starts the Season Strong

King’s mock trial teams are off to an excellent start this year. Last week, 22 students, 3 coaches and a support teacher traveled to San Francisco for the Empire – Battle by the Bay tournament. Empire is an international mock trial competition held in three major US cities annually: New York, Atlanta and San Francisco.  King’s High School received acceptance to applications to have two teams compete in San Francisco October 5 – 9, 2017.

This year’s mock trial case was a civil case involving the wrongful death allegation by the parent of Meric Calief, a 17-year-old boy convicted of a misdemeanor marijuana charge and sentenced to six months incarceration in Prisons of Western America – POWA (a fictional, privately run institution located in the fictional territory of the United States, Empirion).

Meric’s family alleged four counts toward POWA and Correctional Officer, Meg James:

  1. Whether POWA exhibited “deliberate indifference” to Meric’s mental health
  2. Whether POWA exhibited “deliberate indifference” to Meric’s physical safety
  3. Whether James “maliciously and sadistically”used force against Meric’s health
  4. Whether James “maliciously and sadistically failed to protect Meric

King’s built two teams, each comprised of a combination of experienced and inexperienced students in hopes of giving experienced students mentoring opportunities while bolstering learning for the students new to mock trial.

Before the competitive trials began, King’s scrimmaged teams from China and Texas. In competition, they faced previous national champions, state champions and other top-level teams from Hong Kong, Texas, Minnesota, California and Connecticut.

In the end, Team 1 placed 9th overall out of 28 teams. On Team 2, Senior Peter Kulits placed 3rd out of 112 for Best Witness and Sophomore Naeha Geogy placed 11th out of 224 for Best Attorney.

Teacher and Coach Marian Morris was thrilled with the results. When asked how she felt about bringing home three trophies, she responded, “I brought home 25 trophies; three made out of plastic and metal and 22 that are living and breathing!”

13 of the 22 King’s students who competed at Empire were freshmen. Junior High Mock Trial Teacher and Coach Aimee Chew said, “I am so proud of the freshman I had last year and all of the hard work they put in that ended up being rewarded at Empire! They are all also very willing to help with my program at the junior high level, which is an example of the servant leadership that I see all the time in our Mock Trial programs.”


Coaches:  Marian Morris, Paul Brown, Shawna Fotopoulos
Support Staff:  Marianne Webber

Team 1: Captains – Senior, Cody Huyan and Junior, Caroline Kulits

Caroline Kulits – Junior
Cody Huyan – Senior
Wesley Bahng – Junior
Elisabeth Kelly – Freshman
Duncan Angiuli – Freshman
Kathryn Morris – Freshman
Bella Olson – Freshman
Katriona Kirkpatrick – Freshman

Diego Lomba – Junior
Alex Buntaran – Freshman
Nikolas Fotopoulos – Freshman
Duncan Angiuli – Freshman
Katriona Kirkpatrick – Freshman

Team 2: Captains:  Seniors: Peter Kulits and Jake Orme

Chaley Ray – Senior
Jake Orme – Senior
Alex Bockheim – Junior
Naeha Geogy – Sophomore
Elizabeth Anderson – Freshman
Victoria Smith – Freshman
Keenan Schott – Freshman
Lucy Bogen – Freshman

Peter Kulits – Senior
Toby Clark – Freshman
Colton Fleming – Freshman
Chaley Ray – Senior
Alex Bockheim – Junior