King’s Families Break the Stigma Around Anxiety with Film Screening and Discussion in Schirmer

“My hands shake. I feel like I can’t breathe. My vision gets blurry and I can’t think.”

These words reverberated around Schirmer Auditorium last Wednesday night as King’s students and families viewed the documentary “Angst” in which Louisa, an 18-year-old high school student, recounted the symptoms of her panic attacks. Louisa was only one of several students who talked about their experiences with anxiety in the feature-length documentary. The film also featured stories from experts and counselors who have dealt with anxiety disorders in students and researching its cause and treatments.

Angst: Breaking the Stigmas Around Anxiety” is a 56-minute documentary from Seattle-based filmmakers IndieFlix that explores the cause and effect of anxiety in teens and tweens and what we can do about it. Last night the King’s community, in partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital and ParentMap, introduced the film as a starting point to a more intimate conversation about anxiety from a peer-to-peer standpoint.

The event, held Wednesday, October 25 as part of King’s Family Series, drew families with children of all ages. More than 400 tickets were sold for the 5pm and the 7pm screenings.

Following the 7pm screening, King’s Dean of Students Corrine Nield and the University of Washington’s Dr. Laura Kastner engaged the audience in a special Q & A session. Dr. Kastner is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and co-author of best-selling books on dealing with anxiety in teens and tweens. The Q & A covered strategies for recognizing anxiety, finding treatments and offered advice for parents.


“Angst” is a 56-minute film and virtual reality experience that explores anxiety, its causes, effects and what we can do about it. The filmmakers’ goal is to have a global conversation and raise awareness around anxiety. “Angst” features candid interviews with kids and young adults who suffer, or have suffered, from anxiety and what they’ve learned about it. The film includes discussions with mental health experts about the causes of anxiety and its sociological effects, as well as help, resources and tools.

Anxiety is one of the most common psychological complaints in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Click here to learn more about anxiety disorders, find counseling, helpful websites, apps, videos and other resources.