Students of All Ages Partake in Prayer Week


CRISTA Prayer Week provided a wonderful time for people at King’s and all around our larger campus to come before God, humble ourselves and listen to His voice. Here are some of the ways our schools participated.

Preschool’s week was filled with prayer and blessings. Several classrooms were seen walking campus this week, praying for our many different ministries. Some classes visited the high school and passed out mementos letting students there know that they were being prayed for.  They also focused on love and friendship to help get ready for their exciting Valentine’s Day parade next Wednesday.

Elementary classrooms took turns walking to the flagpole to pray. They also held their 4th – 6th grade winter concert, The Journey, designed to provided light and love to students, faculty, family and friends.


Jr. High
Jr. High students organized daily activities from prayer walks to chapel. During chapel, student Carissa Nichoalds bravely shared her testimony about feeling loved and accepted at King’s after being in a place of loneliness at another school. A team of 15 people also prayed specific prayers for: arts and creativity, athletics, people from different cultures, local and national leaders, sick and healing people, families in hard times, CRISTA Ministries, people with special needs and those who help them, selflessness, victims of theTaiwan earthquake and other natural disasters, family relationships, balance and good priorities, orphans and outreach.


High School
High School held a special prayer chapel led by teachers Deri Kispert & Ryan Marsh. The chapel focused on four areas:

Solitude and Silence
Forgiveness and thanksgiving

Students were invited to worship in whatever ways they felt comfortable. Art stations were set up where students could draw and paint. Students could stick prayers, regrets and hidden sins onto a wooden cross. A few teachers and students danced with ribbons. Space was available on the floor to kneel, lay down or rest before God.

Our King’s Community
Everyone was invited to join in the all school prayer walk on Tuesday after school. Starting at the “Time to Pray” Clock, a large group of people gathered in prayer, then broke off into small groups to visit school sites and pray for each campus.

 This afternoon, King’s also joined the CRISTA corporate prayer time in Shirmer Auditorium sharing worship, prayer, fellowship and communion with our sister ministries of CRISTA.