Martin Luther King, Jr. Continues to Inspire

Earlier this month, our 5th grade students created Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired art.

The dove at the center is a sign for peace and unity. Each student selected a color to represent themselves and added 10-15 fingerprints each to the dove. It was a collaborative art centerpiece to show the unity of the classroom and the idea of how amazing an end product can look when we each contribute to it.

The faces of Martin Luther King, Jr. are made of inspirational words, phrases and direct quotes. Each class first watched a segment of his dream speech to inspire them. The words, phrases and quotes used are not 100% directly related to Martin Luther King, Jr., but also could be words that students think about when reflecting on him. Many students wrote things like: loving others, kindness and respect. Some even added scriptures. Many of the principle factors that Martin Luther King, Jr. preached relate to the King’s Kids Honor Code of being responsible, respectful, cooperative and empathetic – a great, practical connection.