Aladdin, Jr. On Stage at Shirmer


King’s Jr. High Advanced Drama class is performing Aladdin, Jr. this weekend. This whimsical adaptation of Disney’s 2014 Broadway musical allows our 8th-grade drama students to have a great time while showcasing their singing and acting talents.

The entire cast of 24 gave a fun, entertaining performance at yesterday’s premier. Hayden Teeter and Emma Arceo shine as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, while Lincoln Going, as the villian Jafar, and his side-kick parrot, Iago (Charlie Griffith), kept yesterday’s audience laughing with “MwaHaHa’s” and wise crack comments. Holly Walworth is splendid as a Genie who just wants her freedom.

At last count, only 18 door tickets remained. We hope that everyone in our King’s community gets a chance to see this wonderful play.