And the 2018 Martin Awards for Innovative Teaching Go To…

by King’s Marketing Intern Joanne Yi

At this year’s auction, Under the Big Top, King’s faculty and staff celebrated Mr. Teeter from King’s Elementary and Dr. Troutman from King’s High School, as they were recognized for being the 2018 recipients of the Martin Award for Innovative Teaching. With this prestigious award, Mr. Teeter and Dr. Troutman both received $1,000 from the King’s Teacher Excellence Endowment.

Mr. Teeter is a 6th grade teacher at King’s Elementary striving to inspire his 80 students to interact with younger Knights through an interactive museum. Students were to collaborate with others, using technology as their main source of communication, applying real-life skills with Microsoft Teams and OneNote. At the end of the curriculum, students put together a museum for fellow Knights and parents, ranging from Canopic jars filled with “intestines”, or cooked spaghetti, to a makeup station where you could apply Egyptian-style makeup to a glass-head dummy. Mr. Teeter’s students were able to expand their learning about Ancient Egypt through hands-on, interactive, and collaborative projects, taking the learning far beyond the classroom.

Dr. Troutman is the 12th grade Composition and AP Literature teacher at King’s High School. She focuses on stretching her students’ minds by taking the College Board’s class standards and incorporating them into her curriculum as a profound learning experience. Through the Literary Adaptation Project, students were to select a short story, analyze plot structure and narrative devices, and then write an original film script, alongside a storyboard and film trailer. Students were able to meet the curriculum standards set by the College Board while exploring their creativity, teamwork, and technology skills through real-life application.

The Martin Award for Innovative Teaching is granted to teachers who are nominated by peers for displaying innovation, dedication and willingness to serve. From these nominees, a Selection Committee reviews each nominee and selects the two who most inspire hearts and equip minds to serve God for His glory.