Multi-cultural Studies Send Preschoolers on Classroom Travels Around the World

King’s preschool students spent much of the month of March learning about other cultures. They made paper luggage and boarded virtual airplanes, landing in faraway places like Greece, China, India, Korea, Ireland, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Kenya, Russia, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea. Once they “arrived,” teachers and parent volunteers taught students about their cultural heritage, places they’ve traveled to or countries in which they’d lived and worked.


Topics of interest included fashion, foods, animals, history, plants, snacks & treats and musical instruments. Students giggled at the sound of the Didgeridoo. They tasted Korean popcorn, learned Irish dancing and took home small origami gifts. Some tried on new kinds of clothes or touched the silk in a Chinese traditional dress. In Mrs. Estes Spanish class, they made and played castanets from Spain, maracas from Mexico and panpipes from Latin America. Mrs. Helleren introduced them to a variety of art forms loved by children in Africa, Asia and South America.


One of the Pre-K classes had a passport office where students could get their “passports” stamped after each travel. Mrs. Green had a puppet who traveled to different countries and brought back stories and pictures. Students could also mail postcards at the classroom mailbox. Each class also continued to focus on their letters and numbers, integrating fun art projects that correlated with their multi-cultural theme. The creativity that teachers and parents put into this unit really brought our world to life for our smallest Knights.