High School Environmental Science Students Teach 5th Graders about Earth Week

King’s high schoolers shared their knowledge of Earth stewardship with our fifth grade students this week on an extended learning trip to the Edmonds waterfront. The Environmental Science students planned and led lessons about how we can reduce our ecological footprint.

The lessons took place at the Edmonds Marsh and Brackett’s Landing. Students learned about the unique and important Puget Sound ecosystem and the history of Earth Day. Lessons were interactive and included creating a food web, competing in a recycling relay and helping with beach garbage clean up. Both high school and elementary students had a great time and felt like the lessons were a success!

KHS Junior Ali Davenport said, “At the marsh, I could see the kids creatively problem solving if an experiment did not go as planned, as well as making inferences and observations. It’s encouraging to see the next generation so intrigued by the environment and relying on their own minds and the minds of their peers. As upcoming leaders in the world, it is important for kids to understand our earth and how desperately we need to care for God’s creation.”

Fifth graders also spent half of their day learning about whales and marine mammals on a Puget Sound Express whale watching boat. Sea lions resting on a green buoy waved as the first boat full of students arrived. The gray whales, who were feeding between Whidbey and Gedney (or Hat, as it is known by the locals) Islands and Everett, put on quite a show flipping their tales as they dove to hunt sand shrimp.

The day provided an amazing opportunity for high school students to try their hand at teaching and for  5th graders to engage in their life science learning!