High School Weekly News | May 24

Please contact Judy Kelly at [email protected] if you have any questions.

A Reminder About Final Exams
The end of school is right around the corner and final exams are on Wednesday, June 13th, Thursday, June 14th and Friday, June 15th.  School is out for the summer at 12:30 on the 15th! Final exams need to be taken on the day and time scheduled.  Students are not permitted to take early or late finals except in cases of illness or exceptional circumstances.  Exceptions must be pre-approved by the principal.  Family vacations do not constitute exceptional circumstances.  Non-approved absences result in a “0” grade on the final exam.  During final exams, students are required to be in classes like regular school days and the regular school attendance policy will apply to all absences.

Saturday School & Lunch Detention
Need to attend Saturday School or Lunch Detention to make up for absences or tardies? Below are the dates and times for Saturday School and for Lunch Detention. All time must be made up by June 21st or grades may be lowered up to 10% per hour owed. Please watch your 4th semester attendance and be proactive to make up time if you are over 6 absences or 3 tardies. Please see Mr. Skeen if you have any questions.

Saturday School Dates

June 2             8 am – noon               BNC 301

June 4             3:15-5:15                    BNC 301

June 5             3:15-5:15                    BNC 301

June 6             3:15-5:15                    BNC 301

June 7             3:15-5:15                    BNC 301

June 9             8 am – noon               BNC 301

June 19           9 – 2                            High School Lounge

June 20           9 – 2                             High School Lounge

June 21           9 – 2                            High School Lounge

Lunch Detention Dates

May 23                       Room 226

May 24                       Room 226

May 29                       Room 226

May 30                       Room 226

May 31                       Room 226

June 4                         Room 226

June 6                         Room 226

June 7                         Room 226

June 8                         Room 226

National Mental Health Month: MIND Yo’ HEALTH
May is National Mental Health Month! Throughout the month students will have many opportunities to participate in healthy, mental health boosting activities. We’re calling the campaign MIND Yo’ HEALTH. Each week will have a theme and focus, giving students healthy ways to support their mental health.

  • This Week: This week’s focus is Nightly Rest. Did you know research shows high school students should be getting 9 hours of sleep at your age? 9 hours! EVERY NIGHT! Sadly, the survey data from King’s students told us only 6% of students are getting enough sleep! YIKES! That means only about 38 of our 467 students are actually rested and at full capacity to learn, grow, and feel their best. 40% of students told us you get between 4-6 hours of sleep on an average night. 80% of students said they don’t feel rested when they wake up! Did you also know that “catching up on sleep” over the weekend is actually a myth? Our bodies need a regular, solid sleep pattern to give us the support we need. Sleep plays a major role in how our bodies function, including the ability to produce the energy and hormones needed to maintain a healthy body and positive moods. Maintaining a good sleep pattern should be a top priority at this age, especially if a teen struggles with feeling sad, depressed, unmotivated, or just plain exhausted. This week we quizzed the students through a fun game of trivia to see what they know about sleep and the important role it plays in their mental health.
  • Family Challenge: Talk with your teen about their sleep patterns. How much sleep are they getting on an average night? Is it enough? What keeps them awake? Research is finding higher correlation rates between teen’s phone usage and lack of sleep. In our survey, 82% of King’s students told us their phone stays in their room all night. Only 13% said there is a designated space outside their room for their phone at night. Our challenge for you is to try having a designated space for your student’s phone at night. Help them learn healthy sleep hygiene practices and see if there are ways to assist them in getting more consistent sleep.

Awards Night
King’s High School’s annual Awards Night is planned for Tuesday, June 5th at 7:00 p.m. in Schirmer Auditorium. Our awards evening will recognize the accomplishments of many students in academics, music, fine and performing arts, and athletics and will include other special honors as well. Everyone is welcome so please, save the date!