High School Weekly News | June 1

Please contact Judy Kelly at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Awards Night
King’s High School’s annual Awards Night is planned for next Tuesday, June 5th at 7:00 p.m. in Schirmer Auditorium. Our awards evening will recognize the accomplishments of many students in academics, music, fine and performing arts, and athletics and will include other special honors as well. Everyone is welcome!

“Lights, Camera, Action!”
KHS welcomes back the 2nd Annual Film Festival on Wednesday, June 6th from 3:00 to 4:30 in Schirmer Auditorium. Filmmakers have been busy writing, casting, filming, and editing their own short films. Come witness this year’s all-stars in action!

Summer Music
You are invited to our summer Music Concert featuring Chamber Orchestra and Living Faith at the Cristwood Activities Center at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, June 8th.  This is a free concert so come to enjoy inspiring music while supporting your peers!

Boys Soccer
Congratulations to the boys soccer team on an outstanding season! Watch the highlights of the season in this video made by Junior, Robin Cheung https://youtu.be/L2486cSyJHs.

National Mental Health Month: MIND Yo’ HEALTH
May is National Mental Health Month! Throughout the month students will have many opportunities to participate in healthy, mental health boosting activities. We’re calling the campaign MIND Yo’ HEALTH. Each week will have a theme and focus, giving students healthy ways to support their mental health.

This Week: This week’s focus is Disconnect! Did you know teens who spend more than 3 hours on their phones a day are more likely to be depressed and have higher rates of loneliness? Research is repeatedly confirming that teens today are highly addicted to their phones and most will quickly admit to that fact. This generation is more connected than any generation before them but they are also showing skyrocketing rates of mental health concerns like anxiety and depression. Their smartphone might be the primary culprit of their woes. That does not mean they have to give it up completely, it just means they need to learn how it affects them and know how and when to disconnect. Students participated in phone challenges to practice disconnecting from their phones. They began by being challenged to go one passing period without checking their phones, the next day go all of lunch without their phones, and finally challenged to end the week with a full phone free day.

Family Challenge: Designate time during the week for the whole family to be phone free. Start small with meal times and work up to full evenings or possibly a full weekend day. The whole family should participate and discuss how it feels to be without phones. Make a plan as a family to have ongoing phone free time in your weekly schedules. Take phones out of bedrooms and keep them overnight in a designated space to help ensure disconnection and better sleep.

A Reminder About Final Exams
The end of school is right around the corner and final exams are on Wednesday, June 13th, Thursday, June 14th and Friday, June 15th.  School is out for the summer at 12:30 on the 15th! Final exams need to be taken on the day and time scheduled.  Students are not permitted to take early or late finals except in cases of illness or exceptional circumstances.  Exceptions must be pre-approved by the principal.  Family vacations do not constitute exceptional circumstances.  Non-approved absences result in a “0” grade on the final exam.  During final exams, students are required to be in classes like regular school days and the regular school attendance policy will apply to all absences.

Saturday School & Lunch Detention
Need to attend Saturday School or Lunch Detention to make up for absences or tardies? Below are the dates and times for Saturday School and for Lunch Detention. All time must be made up by June 21st or grades may be lowered up to 10% per hour owed. Please watch your 4th semester attendance and be proactive to make up time if you are over 6 absences or 3 tardies. Please see Mr. Skeen if you have any questions.

Saturday School Dates

June 2             8 am – noon               BNC 301

June 4             3:15-5:15                    BNC 301

June 5             3:15-5:15                    BNC 301

June 6             3:15-5:15                    BNC 301

June 7             3:15-5:15                    BNC 301

June 9             8 am – noon               BNC 301

June 19           9 – 2                            High School Lounge

June 20           9 – 2                             High School Lounge

June 21           9 – 2                            High School Lounge


Lunch Detention Dates

June 4                         Room 226

June 6                         Room 226

June 7                         Room 226

June 8                         Room 226

High School DECA Project 
Hannah Carrithers and Cristina Cavero are starting a business for their DECA project next year. In order to get started, they are asking for gently used brand-name clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes donations. They can be dropped off in the high school office during school hours or you can contact Cristina or Hannah to find a location that better suits you. If you have any questions please email Cristina Cavero at [email protected] or call (206) 724-3662 or Hannah Carrithers at [email protected] or (206) 910-4425.