KHS To Launch First International STEM Club for Young Women in the U.S

This coming fall, King’s High School will launch an international STEM Club for our Lady Knights: The Stemillions. The new club will be the first ever club in the US that will link girls internationally with each other and professional women in the field. The Stemillions will be joining the “Stemettes” organization, which currently works in the UK and Ireland, extending the Stemettes’ collaborative effort to the U.S. for the first time.

Girls in the club will have opportunities to virtually meet their peers and accomplished professionals, such as the first woman British Astronaut who traveled to space, an accomplished Mathematician who was the first woman to ever win the Fields Medal in Mathematics (equivalent to Noble Prize), famous engineers, researchers and others.

Stemillions will be a student run club facilitated by the Stemettes Headquarters in London. Maci Hodgins was voted KHS’s first Chief Stemette Officer (CSO) and will attend a virtual Leadership Conference with sister-Stemette leaders representing the 75 clubs throughout Great Britain. Greta Gunning was voted Chief Data Officer, responsible for the logistics between Seattle and London HQ’s. All the girls will have a web platform for direct communication with their STEM sisters in England.

The goal of this international, collaborative teaming is to provide our girls with a global perspective, broadening their understanding of future career possibilities in STEM. For more information about Stemettes, go to