Inspiring Business Leaders of Tomorrow to Lead with Integrity

By Marketing Intern Joanne Yi

In the business industry today, students find themselves in a highly competitive and intense environment where they are exposed to many temptations. These temptations could include having bad moral ethics, putting individual success first and focusing on materialistic things. Marian Morris, the business, mock trial and marketing teacher at King’s High School, leads by example in her classroom by showing respect, expecting mutual respect in return and being honest and sincere.

Many students go through Mrs. Morris’s vigorous, yet rewarding curriculums and now live out the principles they learned in Room 104. Mrs. Morris keeps in close contact with many of her former students, who are currently working in the business and marketing industry and who know the importance of having integrity in the workplace. These individuals have proved to be successful and hard-working while maintaining integrity at all times. One former student, Makenzie Taylor, said, “As someone working in the field of human resources and workers compensation, my integrity and professional reputation are essential for my success. Mrs. Morris’s classes instilled in me the value of doing things thoroughly, honestly and correctly the first time, and that taking shortcuts is no replacement for hard work. At the same time, she teaches her students to ‘work smart,’ highlighting each person’s unique skillset to analyze a problem and find creative solutions to it. She also taught me through her own example to be quick in building others up, encouraging teammates (or coworkers) and to be the person in the room that other people want on their team. And above all else, she models and teaches the character of Christ in the excellence, kindness, and enthusiasm that she meets her students with every day.”

Mrs. Morris’s values and mindset that she incorporates into her teaching curriculums inspires students to become business leaders with integrity. Mrs. Morris stated in a recent interview, “Integrity cannot be overemphasized. Jesus didn’t tell us the truth, He said He IS the truth. To have integrity is to live our faith in an authentic way. There should be no exceptions to honesty and integrity. Integrity is a state of mind and is not situational. If you compromise your integrity in small situations with little consequence, then it becomes very easy to compromise in the larger situations.” By having integrity as businessmen and businesswomen, students can learn to live out their life in a way where they bring glory to God while pursuing their passions and talents.

Room 104 is one of those classrooms where everyone in high school ends up being at least once. Whether for a business, marketing or mock trial class, students are transported to a highly professional, competitive and educational environment. With a glass case filled with trophies and medals outside the room and achievement banners lined up on every side of the classroom wall, it is easy to be intimidated. Yet, as a student who has gone through the doors of Room 104 myself, I can tell you that it is a wonder that taking one of Mrs. Morris’s classes isn’t a graduation requirement. Even though Mrs. Morris teaches business and marketing focused curriculums, students learn responsibility and acquire life-long communications and leadership skills that can be applied to every aspect of life.

Through programs such as DECA and Mock Trial, Mrs. Morris is constantly preparing students to become leaders of tomorrow by introducing life-long, 21st century skills such as public speaking, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving. Simultaneously, she teaches skills that can expand a student’s confidence, leadership and networking. These programs offer students an experience they cannot obtain through textbooks or the traditional classroom. At King’s, we strive to empower students to become leaders of tomorrow’s industry who maintain a high-degree of integrity as they represent Christ through everything they do.

“Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the history of your words and actions.” — Maria Razumich-Zec


Mrs. Morris has been teaching for 10 years, although it was a career she did not intend to pursue. During college, her focus was primarily on business and marketing. She established a career in management, buying and purchasing. After sending her oldest daughter off to college and realizing the need for business and economics courses in high schools, Mrs. Morris approached King’s Head of School Eric Rasmussen about incorporating such an elective into the King’s High School curriculum. From there, Mrs. Morris has taught Marketing, Mock Trial and Business classes, engaging students in a college preparatory class that extended beyond the classroom walls. When she is not teaching, Mrs. Morris enjoys having family dinners, reading, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, travelling and watching Law & Order.