Bonds That Will Last a Lifetime

Written by Rachel Phelan, Class of 2019

Senior retreat was not what I had expected… I went into the weekend thinking that it was just going to be a normal retreat like the ones I have attended in the past. However, my expectations were greatly exceeded.

While at the retreat, I got to know so many people.  At the start of the trip, my class was divided into groups for each aspect of camp. There were cabin groups, activity groups, and even dinner groups. This was one of the main ways that I, along with my other classmates, were able to connect with other students and it caused me to want to get to know them more on a deeper level.

Being placed with students I didn’t know very well was a real eye-opener.  I realized that there were some people in my class I thought I was already close with before the retreat, however on this retreat I was able to bond even more. There were so many open and honest conversations at senior retreat. At the end of the night, all the girls in my cabin were talking about what we want to do in college and where we are thinking of going. So many of us were still unsure. I felt more at ease knowing that some were still uncertain with their plans for college and this only made me feel more connected.

One of my favorite times was when our entire class sat by the campfire roasting marshmallows and students were able to share anything they wanted. Some shared about the things they were nervous about for senior year and life after graduation. In some ways, I think this may have helped other students know that they are not alone. Overall, I think that senior retreat was extremely beneficial for the class of 2019 and I am so excited to spend my final year of high school with all of these people who I now call friends. We may be anxious for what the future holds, but we are thankful for our time at King’s and confident that it has prepared us well for whatever awaits.