Fall Focus Day

King’s High School Fall Focus Day is just as it sounds.  It’s a day set aside in the fall to focus on what lies ahead. Students spend the day considering their plans and options for life after high school while learning essential life skills.

Fall Focus Day took place Wednesday, October 10th and each class participated in different activities that focus on preparing students for college life and beyond.

Freshmen visited Seattle Pacific University to explore a college campus and to encourage them to develop their strengths and passions that will help them find the best fit for college. Sophomores headed to the classrooms to take the Kaplan ½ & ½ exam, a test that serves as a great practice for both the SAT and ACT.

Juniors were in classrooms taking the PSAT, a practice exam to prepare them for their upcoming SATs. Seniors spent the morning rotating between three life skills seminars.

Overall, it was a successful day of learning about the college process and we look forward to the choices these students will make.