International Thespian Society Induction Ceremony

On Wednesday, October 10 the High School Drama Department inducted 10 members into the First King’s High School International Thespian Society.  Troup No 8764 was created with a desire for students to enrich their theatre education experience beyond the classroom.

Six Seniors along with four Juniors were inducted. Anna Hochstein (President); Lauren Blair (Chief Coordinator); Mallory Dornay; Jeffrey Weber; Joshua Cummings; Alvin Chen; Christian Engmann; Megan Bowman; Ruthie Mogg (Communications Director); Josette McClurg (Student Connections Director)

Theatre students were selected based on their contribution of more than 100 hours of excellent work in theatre at King’s Schools. The drama department has provided a quality theatre arts education with creativity, self-confidence, communication and interpersonal skills, along with “specific THEATRE” skills.  Directed by Janna McCardle who will be the Troupe’s Director, McCardle has been leading high school drama at King’s Schools for the past 10 years.

The International Thespian Society was established in 1929 and is a division of the EdTA (Educational Theatre Association) which is a national non-profit organization with approximately 100,000 students and professionals.  Students are honored at a national level with opportunities to participate in ITS State and National events including the International Thespian Festival with workshops, college and scholarship auditions, as well as opportunities to showcase and receive assessment on tech and performance skills.

While friends and family members applauded, the celebration ceremony for the newly established TROUPE #8764 ended with the motto: “Act well your part; there all the honor lies.” (lexander Pope’s ‘Essay on Man)

For more information on the International Thespian Society and the High School Drama Department, please contact Janna McCardle or Mary Hudon.