King’s: A Community of Connection

King’s Schools is a community of connection. The purpose of each school is for students to know and be known, creating synergy among students and faculty and one special way each school fosters this sense of community is through building relationships across all ages.

Opportunities such as connecting with residents in Senior Living, conducting a neighborhood service day, or reading to younger students are all activities that are experienced by King’s students over the course of their time on campus.

This past Wednesday, Mr. Marsh and his 12th grade Bible class had the opportunity of visiting the Preschool to join in worship and teach a lesson on Daniel and the lion’s den. As the senior class walked in to the Preschool, the preschool students’ faces lit up with joy. Both the young students and Mr. Marsh’s students seemed to be having fun while singing songs of praise.

This activity is a perfect example of the relational aspect of King’s Schools and it is important to consider the unique benefits for both the older and younger students. Everyone has something to offer, therefore these experiences are an essential facet to all of the King’s community.