I Can Make a Difference!

This past December, sixth grade students partook in the $1 Serve Project. Students used creative thinking to determine ways they can create a lasting impact on our community, using just one dollar.

Sixth grade student Kellyn has a heart for students in Edmonds who live in their cars, are homeless, or who have to “couch surf.” Her initial exposure to this came through her regular service at the VOA Foodbank. During this project, Kellyn looked beyond herself to the needs of others. Using her dollar, she carried out a blanket drive in her neighborhood. Each blanket was tied up and included a note with the scripture verse Ephesians 2:8.


Kellyn is one of many King’s students who were tasked with a missional project. The stories and life-changing experiences the students shared were amazing! Even as young people, these students are fully capable of positively impacting our communities.

Madelyn Biederman, another sixth grade student wrote:

“Mia Sharp and I had the idea of baking cookies and buying blankets to give to the homeless. I also liked the idea of giving them socks, chapstick, and wipes. So we decided that over break we would raise money for buying all the items for our kits. We raised $57 and planned to go to a store to get the supplies.

We bought socks, chapsticks, wipes, Slim Jims, nuts, Gatorade, hot cocoa, and a toothbrush for each kit. We also donated some blankets. Mia’s dad drove us around Green Lake and the University District. At the end of the day, the last bags were given to a couple that had nothing. They blessed us and praised us as we drove away. It felt amazing.

I would do it again. It felt so good to be able to help people that were less fortunate. I pray and hope that I made their day a little less wet, but warm and that they felt cared for, not left behind or forgotten. God said in Mark 12:30, ‘The second thing is Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.’  I relate to this, or my project does, because lots of people care about themselves and not their neighbor. The homeless are our neighbors and I plan to treat them like that.”

Sixth grade student Amanda Dunphy wrote:

“I raised extra funds by walking around King’s giving out baked goods. I was not selling them, it was optional whether to donate to the Seattle Children’s Hospital or not. What I did for my project was I gave out brownies, candy canes, and cookies and raised donations. I raised $111. I then asked someone from Seattle Children’s Hospital what they needed, and they said, ‘We could use nail polish for the older girls sick in hospital beds. We get a lot of things for younger kids, not as much for the older ones.’ I went to the dollar store and bought 20 bottles of polish remover and 80 bottles of nail polish. When I gave the hospital the nail polish and remover, they were super grateful and excited. I would love to do this again because it was cool for me to see how happy they were when I gave them the goods. Here is a Bible verse I found that relates to my project. ‘You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.’ 2 Corinthians 9:11. This relates to my project because I try to live my life being generous in every situation. I am thankful I can bless others with what God has blessed me with. I want to love like Jesus did, that is why I love to give. I think this project is a great idea. I loved every second of it.”