Valuable Lessons through Cross-Cultural Experiences

Going on its eighth year, King’s Elementary and MeySen Academy have had the opportunity to bring valuable cross-cultural experiences to students through their partnership.

From a young age, MeySen Academy students begin to learn about American culture and the United States in their English Immersion programs. In just a few weeks, these students will be able to fully immerse themselves in American culture as they travel to the U.S. to attend King’s Elementary and experience American family life with their King’s host families.

Throughout the course of their visit at King’s, MeySen students will get a glimpse of the CRISTA family of ministries by touring the radio station and the President’s Office, then ending their trip with a fun weekend at Miracle Ranch Camp!

This trip is not only an exciting opportunity for the students of MeySen Academy, but a week that our Elementary students look forward to each year. The friendships made and lessons learned are certain aspects of schooling that both MeySen and King’s students will remember for a lifetime.