Math Olympiad Results!

This past weekend, some elementary and jr. high students participated in the Shoreline Math Olympiad. They did and outstanding job! Congratulations to the teams and individuals who placed!

Team Awards:

2nd Place  

  • Team 4-3: Lyla Kirkham, Mia Johnson, Nahom Getchew, Quinn Mortimer

3rd Place

  • Team 5-1: Andrew Gerbig, Jack Sievers, Jackson Pepsny, Koren Eckels
  • Team 7-2: Micah White, Jonathan Chu, Jalen Dollar

4th Place

  • Team 4-1: Ezra Wantz, AJ Todd, Luke Kim, Owen Lindblad
  • Team 4-2: Hannah Kim, Evan Blair, Ariana Mohandeson, Christine Wills

5th Place

  • Team 5-2: Giselle Dollar, Megan Peterson, Joey Schlect, Jackson Dving

8th Place

  • Team 7-2: Halle Hagos, Catie Chew

*Note: The first number is the grade level. So team 4-3 is a 4th grade team.

Individual Awards:

1st Place

  • Jonathan Chu (7th grade)

2nd Place

  • Luke Kim (4th grade)

4th Place

  • Micah White (7th grade)
  • Andrew Gerbig (5th grade)

7th Place

  • Callan Duke (6th grade)
  • Lyla Kirkham (4th grade)

8th Place

  • Ariana Mohandeson (4th grade)
  • Mia Johnson (4th grade)

9th Place

  • Owen Lindblad (4th grade)

10th Place

  • Koren Eckels (5th grade)

11th Place

  • Halle Hagos (7th grade)
  • Ezra Wantz (4th grade)
  • Evan Blair (4th grade)

13th Place

  • Megan Peterson (5th grade)
  • Nora Anderson (5th grade)

15th Place

  • Grace Kim (5th grade)