Congrats to Class Council Winners!

With Class Council elections taking place today, the 2019 political season at King’s High School is coming to an end. The 10th-12th grade students running for council had the opportunity to campaign for their positions to their peers today during chapel. Over the course of their campaigns, candidates created flyers, handed out goodies, and spoke to their student body about the purpose of their role and why they would be best for the job.

Congratulations to the winners!


President – Hayden Teeter

Vice President – Campbell Baker

Administrator – Audrey Lim

Activities – Mackenzie Harvey

Spiritual Life – Lincoln Going

Public Relations – Zach Hochstein

Homecoming – Liv Peterson


President – Elizabeth Anderson

Vice President – Kat Kirkpatrick

Administrator – Eric Halhjem

Activities – Ella Hamilton

Spiritual Life – Annie Rasmussen

Public Relations – Max Hough

Homecoming – Lena Nguyen


President – Scarlett Ren

Vice President – Ben Gardner

Public Relations – Jackie Cheung-Main

Activities – Allison Giroux

Spiritual Life – Ha Eun Ko

Administrator – Derick Han

The freshman class council elections take place next week. The finalists are:

  • Katelyn May
  • Cutter Rolfs
  • Saben Seitz
  • Tyler Vankirk
  • Mahrin McGregor
  • Frances Madonna
  • Gwyn Siers