Sports Recruiting at Small Schools

Everyone knows that smaller-school athletes don’t get any attention from college coaches, right?


With over 460,000 student-athletes in the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) alone, coaches across the nation are looking for talented players that can help their program anywhere they can find them.

Coach Jim Shapiro, King’s High School Head Football Coach, strongly believes that if students truly apply themselves in their sport and in school, they will be recruited.

“Who says you can’t get recruited from a smaller school?” Coach Shapiro said via Twitter. “If you have the grades and talent, they will find you.”

In just the last few months, University of Washington, Oregon State, Yale, Montana State, University of San Diego, Weber State, Arizona State, Dartmouth, University of California, Georgetown, and UC Davis have all been on campus recruiting our student-athletes. As of now, the King’s Class of 2019 has 10 students who will go on next year to play a collegiate sport and plenty of our underclassmen have already been receiving letters of interest from college coaches.

Small schools may tend to receive less attention than their larger peers, however, there are thousands of school options for students interested in playing collegiate-level sports. We are so proud of our student-athletes here at King’s for applying themselves and excelling both in their sport and in the classroom!