King’s Family Series Presents…

When it comes to the next generation so much has changed in the last decade… even in the last month. The rising generation is awesome, but as with every emerging generation, the rules of the game have changed. Same hormones, same peer pressure, same standardized tests in school… but now there is Snapchat, and smartphones, and eSports, and a spike in teen anxiety, and whatever that new app is…

The good news is that parents (and grandparents) have what it takes to reach their kids (and grandkids), and Axis exists to make parents’ lives easier by making their conversations with their teens more frequent and deeper.

Join us, along with Axis co-founder and President, David Eaton, on Tuesday, September 24th at 7:00 pm, as we discuss new trends, learn best practices, and create plans to bring back sanity to the phones in your home.

About Smartphone Sanity…

All you wanted was a way for your daughter to check-in with you between school and activities, so you gave her your old smartphone when you upgraded. What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s the short list: sexting, bullying, phone addiction, pornography, distraction, anxiety, FOMO, sleep deprivation… and you literally fight about her phone-use at least once a week. Not to mention you are spending over $3,000 a year as a family on phone hardware and data plans.

Axis’ Smartphone Sanity gives parents all the practical moves their family needs to make to bring balance back to their relationship with technology and each other.

We Will Cover:

  • What age you should get your kid a phone, and what to do if you already have given them a phone.
  • How to use iOS 12 and Google Family Link to control your child’s smartphone.
  • The seven domains of Smartphone accountability.
  • Third-party filtering/monitoring apps your family may need to implement.
  • How to avoid legal trouble from smartphone misuse.
  • The biggest smartphone sneaks (and sneaky apps) your kids may be using.
  • Specifics about sexting, smartphone gossip, and screen addiction.
  • Four essential Biblical conversations that will help you grow in trust with your pre-teen and teen as you set phone boundaries