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Tough conversations are just that – tough.

As much as your child may dread the necessary talks that come with growing up, you have the unique privilege as a parent to speak truth into their life. They may even be surprised to hear some of the topics that are on your heart!

Above all, it’s most important that honesty and transparency are evident through these tricky years and difficult conversations that are bound to happen. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources today that aid parents in learning how to approach these conversations, but where does one start?

King’s Schools is excited to announce its partnership with Axis, an organization that builds lifelong faith by helping parents and caring adults talk with their kids about what they otherwise wouldn’t, one conversation at a time.

King’s and Axis want to provide our school’s families with the tools they need to dive into deep discussions, starting with the Culture Translator Premium, a FREE weekly newsletter that gives quick insight into the hot topics surrounding your kid each week. King’s families are able to receive the newsletter for free by signing up here:

Communicating difficult topics with teens may seem like hard work, however, it is always worth the extra effort. Not only does effective communication strengthen our connections, it teaches younger generations how to hold important conversations as they move into adolescence and adulthood.

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