Serving the Needs of our School and Community

Each year King’s Junior High students participate in a Service Day where students focus on the needs of their campus and community. Some students focused their efforts on improvements to the school campus and classrooms and found ways to bring smiles to people not only locally, but globally. It was a morning filled with hard work and fun!

Service Day is a great way for King’s students to learn outside of the classroom about the importance of improving our communities by giving back. It is also a way for King’s Schools to say “thank you” to our amazing neighbors that surround our campus!

Students wrote cards for policemen and firemen, played games with CRISTA Senior Living residents, helped over at the elementary, tidied the Jr. High buildings, cleaned the track and field over at Woolsey Stadium, some were on trash cleanup all around campus, another group wrote letters to soldiers and cards to kids at Children’s hospital, worked on an art project with preschool students, and so much more!

The Junior High students were having so much fun while taking care of our community and learning valuable life lessons.