COVID-19 Update – School Closure

Dear King’s Families,

Throughout this past weekend we continued to pray as we closely monitored the latest updates related to the local, national and global spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our hearts and prayers remain with those who have been impacted by the outbreak.

We are incredibly thankful that King’s Schools, and the CRISTA Ministries campus in which King’s and other ministries reside, do not have any instances of an individual being diagnosed or suspected of COVID-19 virus. Even so, we have and will continue to evaluate and execute preventative measures aimed at keeping our students, teachers, staff, and all others safe. One of these preventative measures took place this past Friday, when our teachers underwent training to prepare for the likelihood of remote learning becoming a necessity.

In consideration of the entire CRISTA campus, including CRISTA employees and CRISTA Senior Living residents/patients, the decision has been made to move to a remote learning platform for our students at King’s Preschool, Elementary, Junior High and High School. This will happen as follows:

  • Tuesday, March 10 – tomorrow will become a half-day for all students Preschool-12, with dismissal at 12:30 pm. Also, beginning Tuesday at 12:30pm through April 24, KKC will be closed.
  • Wednesday, March 11 – no school for students, as teachers will utilize this day for preparation and planning
  • Thursday, March 12 – remote learning experience begins for students and teachers

It will be our hope to welcome all students back to campus following spring break on Monday, April 27, provided at that time we still believe that this is in the best interest of the well-being of our students, teachers and staff. During this period of remote learning King’s Schools will undergo a deep cleaning in preparation for the return to in-classroom learning.

I want you to know that a decision like this can only be made following a great deal of prayer, analysis and collaboration. This is a comprehensive campus decision made with CRISTA Ministries leadership that we have not taken lightly. We understand that moving to a remote learning environment over the following 2-plus weeks may present a significant impact for your student and family. Yet the well-being of your children, as well as our teachers and staff, is and always will be our highest priority. We prayerfully and whole-heartedly believe that this is the right course of action to protect the students of King’s that we are so blessed to have the chance to serve.

Details about the closure

  • King’s administrators, faculty and staff will be accessible through email.
  • Information regarding athletic practices and games, arts rehearsals and performances and club activities will be communicated through building principals.
  • Please continue to follow the recommendations of public health officials. School closures are only effective if we continue to practice social distancing. If students are continuing to be in public spaces the virus is more likely to continue to spread.
  • This communication will be followed by an email from your principal with specific instructions for remote learning for your student.

How you can help

  • Talk with your student about how they will handle schoolwork. Make sure they have a designated place to work.
  • Provide healthy strategies to connect with school friends as well as physical exercise which is considered important to improve mental and physical health.
  • Help students limit distractions during remote learning times. Junior High and High school students do not have access to their phones during the school day while on campus. You may want to consider this an option for them during their at home “school day” as well.

These are extraordinary times and I appreciate all members of the King’s community; students, faculty, staff and parents and your willingness to work together to support each other as we walk through this together. We ask for your prayers for our students, teachers and community and for God’s blessing and protection.


Eric Rasmussen
Head of School
Phone: 206.546.7211