Elementary Weekly News | June 12

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K-12 Parent Calendar 2020-2021
School Tool Box
Student Supply List 2020-2021

King’s Elementary School Yearbook 2019-2020


This year, we dedicate the yearbook to the teachers who have helped us by teaching remotely, and to the parents who were compelled to teach from home.  Together we accomplished our mission,

Inspiring hearts and equipping minds to serve God for His glory.

Teachers . . .
You moved quickly and efficiently in an intense situation, navigating to a “new normal” of teaching remotely.  Facing challenges and hurdles, you rose to the occasion, and set about streamlining ways to make remote teaching and learning the best experience possible.   Your love, support, and connections with your students and families are priceless.  We praise God for you and the incredible difference you have made in the lives of your awesome students this year.

Parents . . .
Whether it was part of your plans or not, you all became At-Home Teachers, and your balancing act became a bit more complicated.  We are grateful to you for leading your children, providing a calm, positive work environment, and setting them up for success.  It was not easy, and you didn’t need to be perfect.  By God’s grace you helped your child meet their learning goals and achieve their best!

Thank you!
Students, teachers & parents, we are all a part of history.  We hope and pray God’s presence and guidance sustained you through this process and continues to be with you over the summer.  To God be the glory!


Special Thanks!
Thank you Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Vos for your fantastic Yearbook!
Thank you, Parent Council, for all your support this year!
Thank you to all Volunteers who made our lives easier!
Thank you, God for your protection and health over each one of us!

Hats off to all our outstanding 6th Grade Graduates! May The Lord Bless You!

Adeline Cox, Adrian Rossi, Alder Mackey, Alethea Wall, Alex Oseguera-Medina, Amelia Wagenbrenner, Amen Bereket, Andrew Gerbig, Angelo Gasperetti, Anna Sandnes, Annika Beckstrom, Ariana Ellis, Ashley Siu, Audrey Zentler, Ava Pierce, Averie Green, Averie Tanaka, Benny Heurta, Bianca Binkley, Blake Needham, Brendan Birt, Bryce Bowen, Calvin Kim, Cate Clowers, Caylee Largent, Colton Adams, Derek Birt, Deurian McNeil, Dozie Asinobi, Dustin Le, Eliana Garcia, Eisabeth Farstad, Elisheba Mahtab, Emilia Stepan, Erik Alsdorf, Finley Owen, Gabriel Steck, Gemma Culp, Grace Haney, Grace Laari, Grace VanKirk, Grafton Marshall-Inman, Greyson Armbruster, Hailey Muld, Henry McGaugh, Jack Sievers, Jackson Dyvig, Jackson Pepsny, Jacob Robbins, Jakob Fowler, Jane Vos, Jaxson Livingston, Jessica Klug, Joey Schlecht, Jonathan Estes, Joshua Bozick, Kaeli Wynn, Kaitlin Cramer, Kalkidan Abebe, Kaydence Hansen, Knight Root, Kobi Nwangwu, Kylie Cordova, Laila Christensen, Leah McRae, Lucy Canlis, Lucy Marsland, Lucy Mortimer, Luke Helton, Maddi Rogers, Maddie Schilperoort, Max Orme, Megan Gleeson, Micah Chang, Michael Usoltsev, Nehemiah Lambrecht, Norman McGaugh, Quinn Carlson, Raffi Whaley, Raven Willis, Rebekah Blackmer, Reese Jordan, Ryan Miller, Rylie Knight, Savannah Paulus, Sloane Ruotsala, Sophia Casper, Soren Hansen, Tate Haney, Tony Liang, Tristan Rosler, Tumi Oluwole, Will Bourbonnais, Yamima Prout and Zachary Wilson.

Turn-In Textbooks, iPad or Surfaces
If you still have any of the above school items, please return those items to the office by June 15.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off
We still have some student supply bags!  Please note they need to be picked up by Monday, June 15 by 3:00pm.

Class Photos
We’re all missing our teachers and friends! Since we won’t be able to do class group photos this year, we have another fun option, classroom composites. KIDS Photography is offering an 8×10 photograph with everyone from your class, the teacher, class info and school logo. It is a great way to remember the school year. Here is the link if you wish to purchase:


Class Lists
Class lists are confidential.  Please do not put teachers in an awkward position by requesting the “inside track” on your child’s placement.  This is unfair and unacceptable at King’s Elementary School.  We appreciate your support on this issue.  Thank you!

Order School Supplies 2020-2021
Does the thought of shopping for your student’s school supplies fill you with dread in this social distancing era?  We have a solution for you!  School Supply Kits for next year are now available for you to order.  See attached flier for the easy online ordering instructions.  New this year, they will be delivered straight to your home.

2020-2021 School Supply List
The supply list is attached if you prefer to do your own shopping.

2020-2021 School Year

See you, August 31st