Join the King’s Booster Club! Virtual Membership Drive

What is Booster Club?  We are a parent run organization that supports high school and junior high athletes & coaches by providing supplemental funding which goes beyond school budgets. Annually we provide each team a budget they can be used to purchase equipment, coach trainings, stipends or end of season celebration as they see fit for their team. We also fund larger items such as stadium scoreboards, signage, weightlifting equipment and water bottle fillers which benefit all the athletes and fans.  Support us so that we can support our athletes.

Why Join this Year?  During these unprecedented times it is still our goal to provide support to our student athletes regardless of how their season looks or how long it is.  Coaches stipends will still need to get paid; gear will need to be purchased and athletes will need and be required to have personal protective equipment to protect themselves and their teammates. It is the Booster Club’s intention to do this to the best of our abilities, but more than ever we need your support.

Due to COVID we have eliminated our gear options and streamlined our membership.  We understand that part of the draw of joining the Boosters is the fabulous gear that is unique to our organization.  This year we will be offering Booster Pop-up stores where you will be able to purchase Booster gear at various times of the year.  Look for these to be advertised in the Parent Post.

There are multiple convenient ways to purchase your 2020 Booster Membership