Scrip News: Learn more about how SCRIP can help you lower your tuition

Scrip rebates earned from shopping are applied directly to lower your tuition!

Scrip is introducing a new mobile app “RaiseRight” by ShopWithScrip! Scrip will be using this app exclusively by the end of this school year. If you have been using Scrip, you can switch over to the app this month!

Last school year’s Scrip accounts will be deactivated Sept. 18th.  Upon receiving a completed Parent Form (found under King’s web-sight under Parent Tab/Scrip Tab) I will forward the passcode for the “RaiseRight” app. and you can start shopping immediately!  I will start up the Scrip weekly schedule for purchasing physical cards and post next week!

Take a few minutes and browse through the Scrip web-site and there are hundreds of cards to choose from- anywhere from grocery stores to gas stations and even restaurants-

Please contact me with any questions :  [email protected]