Junior High Weekly News | September 25

For more information, please contact the junior high office:  [email protected]

Please remember to fill out the ClearPass check each day your student is at school.  It is very time-consuming for us to follow up on each student who has not completed this when they get to campus.  Thank you.

  1. STAY HOME if you get a red ClearPass and please also keep SIBLINGS HOME.
  2. Call the junior high office (206-546-7243) and check-in.
  3. Await further instructions from COVID 19 supervisor, Lindsey Sharp, on the next steps.  If you are RED and your child has symptoms, you will be receiving a phone call.

Elementary Instructional Assistant Position
Do you find elementary children a delight to work with? We are looking for an Elementary Instructional Assistant M, T, Th, F from 8:00 am-3:00 pm. Interested? Apply online at the CRISTA Ministries website. Questions? Call the office at 206-546-7260 or email [email protected].