High School Weekly News | 10-16-2020

Please contact Jin You at [email protected] if you have any questions.

 Remote Service Day

Next Friday, October 23, our students will be participating in the King’s Schools Remote Service Day.  Students will NOT be on campus that day.  We are dedicating the day to engaging in acts of services and kindness in our community.  Students will receive detailed information about Remote Service Day soon. ALL students need to check in with their 1st Block teacher at 9:00 am on Friday, Oct. 23 to share their plans for the day.  They will submit a summary of their service to their 1st block teacher by 3:00 pm that day.

 KHS Fall Fest

Hi KHS! This coming week, October 19th-October 23rd will be Fall Fest! Fall Fest will include a number of events and ASB led activities including spirit week, virtual social nights, and fall-themed house competition challenges!

The spirit weekdays are as follows:

Monday 10/19: Quarantine Look

  • Dress in your goofiest online school look! This could mean sweats and a collared shirt, or just full-on pajamas!

Tuesday 10/20: Meme Day

  • Dress as your favorite meme! From Evil Kermit to Distracted Boyfriend, the possibilities are endless…

Wednesday 10/21: Country Vs. Country Club

  • Show off your best cowboy or preppy look! Get ready for a showdown or a lawsuit!

Thursday 10/22: Generation Day

  • Let’s dress our age! Freshman dress as babies, sophomores dress as teens/tweens, juniors dress as adults, and seniors dress as senior citizens!

Friday 10/23: House Colors

  • Time to show some house spirit! Crown wear red, scepter wear white, sword wear black, and shield wear grey!

Remember that you can earn points for your house by participating in spirit week! To receive points, message a photo of you in your outfit to Elizabeth Anderson via teams or dm the photo to the ASB Instagram.

Virtual social nights will take place Monday-Thursday from 8-9 pm in the General section of the KHS Student Body Teams! Each virtual social night is open to the entire school, and you can come to as many as you would like! Some of the activities will include Among Us, trivia, Kahoot, shows/movies, Scattegories, Pictionary, and more! It is recommended to keep your camera on during these events but not required. Also, if you have an idea for a fun online game/activity you would like to see please message Elizabeth Anderson via Teams. Please join in, it will be a lot of fun!

Instead of one house competition challenge per usual, there will actually be two different ones during fall fest! A pumpkin carving challenge (you might want to get started on that one) and a basic fall photo challenge! Share your best decorated/carved pumpkin and your most basic fall photo by sending it to Elizabeth Anderson via teams or messaging it to the ASB Instagram. For maximum points, complete both challenges!

I hope you all are as excited as ASB is about Fall Fest! It will be a lot of fun!

King’s CyberKnight

King’s High School, this fall is your time to become a CyberKnight! The 2020-21 fall recruitment process has begun and we are excited to meet anyone who chooses to apply. The 4911 CyberKnights are a part of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), meaning we have the opportunity to work with one another to solve a common problem, by building a robot. FRC combines STEM and sports-like competition to make a fun and challenging experience for all.

However, being a CyberKnight is far more than building high performing robots. It is also about being a part of the team in terms of contribution and character. On Team 4911, we offer professional experiences that help with future careers and personal growth. It is not only a great way to get involved in the school, but practice career concentration in fields of mechanical engineering, software design, marketing, public relations, and so much more.

The CyberKnights live out the team mantra, “tomorrow’s leaders today,” which emphasizes the time and effort that we invest in this program and team for the future. Being on the CyberKnights opens the door to various career options such as business, computer science, marketing, graphic design, mechanical and electrical engineering, event planning, and computer-aided design.

Now, why are you still reading? Your first step to becoming a CyberKnight is one click away!

Link for application form: https://forms.gle/F6LioeCwtRCh3Yzb9

KHS Speech and Debate

The Speech and Debate team begins competition this Saturday, at Bear Creek! The team looks to continue the momentum from their undefeated season last year. If your student is interested in joining the team, there is still time! Please have them message Mr. Jablon on Teams, or send an email to [email protected]. You may also follow the team on Instagram, @khs_speech_debate.

Keep the team in your thoughts, as we navigate the world of online competition!


*The Fall after school orchestra class is a prerequisite for the Spring Orchestra Class.  High school students who are proficient in an orchestral instrument may join the high school orchestra.  In the Fall, this is an after-school program that is structured to meet after school on Wednesdays (2:00-3:30 p.m.) in Schirmer Auditorium.  The first on-site rehearsal will begin on October 21st.

*In the Spring, the orchestra class will be offered during 3rd block. As part of the Spring orchestra class, students will be required to perform in the Spring musical with the Advanced Drama class.

Please contact Mary Hudon, Performing Arts Coordinator ([email protected]) and/or Eun Cho, Orchestra Director ([email protected]) for more information.

 Teacher Appreciation

The Parent Council and Teachers’ Appreciation Leads would like your help to provide weekly snacks for 50 members of our school. The calendar slots provided are scheduled for Mondays of each week but of course, you’re welcome to bring them (or send) when your child/children are at school. Also, reiterating the importance of safety, please have your donations individually wrapped (if not already pre-wrapped), and single servings. For more information click here!

 Moms in Prayer

Moms in prayer are meeting online via Zoom, Thursday mornings from 9 am-10 am. Any moms interested in joining can contact Paula Holt at [email protected] or at (206) 940-6674.