High School News | 12-4-2020

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DECA: Zoom Around the World

Zoom Around the World This Friday and Saturday, 22 King’s DECA students, in partnership with 9 Muckleshoot Tribal School students, hosted our first-ever Zoom Around the World Conference! Throughout the weekend, we participated in several fun activities ranging from a DECA role-play competition to a Lego leadership styles game. Additionally, we hosted a wide variety of speakers from all corners of the globe, including the Community Engagement Coordinator from the Seattle Seahawks, the Muckleshoot Tribal Council, Microsoft, and more from as far away as New Zealand and Australia!  Ask DECA students to tell you their highlights!

Mock Trial

This past Sunday, the King’s JV Mock Trial Team completed their seminar with the Harvard University Mock Trial Association. As a finale, the JV team went against King’s Varsity Team in a trial determining the guilt of a reformative, activist group in a conspiracy case. The trial had plenty of back and forth points and counterpoints.  The trial was very close! With this experience under their belts, both King’s Mock Trial teams are ready for their season at the state level.

King’s Virtual Escape Room

Last Friday, KHS had a blast jamming out to funky fresh tunes, chatting with friends, and solving gnarly puzzles at the ASB led ‘80s Themed Virtual Escape Room! About eight teams of six students raced to escape an ‘80s workout tape and save the workout instructor. Congrats to Ray Li, Caleb Lee, Keenan Schott, Sarah Chu, and Matthew Machida who escaped the fastest! ASB can’t wait to organize more creative and engaging virtual events in the near future!

CyberKnights Four of our talented CyberKnights high school robotics team students competed in a robot design “CADathon” called Chezy CAD ’20 last weekend with 63 total registered teams. Similar to a “Hackathon”, teams were given a unique design challenge last Friday evening and were required to submit a completed design and analysis by that following Sunday morning. The challenge was to create a complete mechanism design to climb a graduated pole 11 feet tall and 3-4” in diameter in less than 15 seconds. 44 teams completed their submissions and were judged on Sunday afternoon in interviews with professional Mechanical Engineers. Our CyberKnights finished in 1st place! The judges were particularly impressed with their attention to detail, complete physics analysis of the system requirements, and were confident that the robot would be able to complete the task if it were built as-is. If you would like to view the completed 3D model of the robot, you can see it here:
and a copy of the students’ detailed analysis is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ac6MVHRScdnpRlAkoa7kAgqfaaYFhP-4kiYkt8wprwQ.

King’s Speech and debate  The King’s High School speech and debate team has earned significant recognition from the National Speech & Debate Association. Students earn points and degrees in the National Speech & Debate Association honor society on competitive and service-related activities ranging from the Degree of Merit with 25 or more points to the Degree of Premier Distinction with 1,500 or more points. These degrees contribute to a school’s strength points. Our King’s chapter achieved 100 or more strength points last year earning membership in the Association’s prestigious 100 Club. This milestone demonstrates an outstanding commitment to teaching students essential life skills. Congratulations King’s Speech & Debate!

Rotary Student of the Month Eric Halhjem was nominated to represent King’s School as the November Rotary Student of the Month. Eric participated in this month’s Rotary recognition Zoom meeting where he shared what “Service above self” means to him. We are so proud of Eric and his heart! Congratulations Eric!