Elementary News | 12-18-2020

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King’s Elementary Parents and Students
Merry Christmas to all our King’s Elementary parents and students! We pray each of you will have a very blessed Christmas as you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Knowing our God is faithful and true, we can confidently walk into the future with Him. May your hearts be filled with love, hope, peace, and joy this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year, 2021!

With Appreciation and Love,
Evelyn Huling and Corrine Nield

Christmas Break: December 21, 2020 – January 1, 2021

Remote Teaching Week: January 4 – 8, 2021
This is a gentle reminder for all King’s families… The reason we added the remote teaching week is to limit possible exposure to COVID-19 as much as possible for the safety of our teachers and families. If you are traveling during Christmas Break, please plan adequate time to self-quarantine afterward and during the remote teaching week.

We will only stay healthy and strong as a community if we work together and support each other. Thank you for caring and supporting our King’s community.

What Does it Mean to Abide with Jesus?
After KIDS Praise a few weeks ago, our 6th-grade students were reflecting on discussion questions from the message. The following thoughts were written by a few of our 6th-grade students.

Abiding in Jesus is like bearing fruit. It is as if you are being cradled in his open arms or being snuggly tucked in the bed. Trusting in Jesus is like bearing fruit because if you love, if you spread God’s word, then you will blossom like the children of Abraham. God is the tree, and you are like a seed that has fallen from an apple. You will spread into another tree that many apples will fall from and they will bloom into more trees. If you teach and study and spread God’s word, then those you spread it to will teach others, and those others will teach many more people. Abiding in Jesus should be as natural as walking or talking or sleeping. God’s word will extend throughout the world.”

“I’m going to back up and explain what “abide” even means. Abide means to accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision, or recommendation. To abide in Jesus would mean to apply yourself to his word, his law, and his love. That means to believe in him and to trust him in all your endeavors, and to love him with all your heart; so that you may be at rest.”

“We are the branch and Jesus is the trunk of the tree. Abiding with Jesus is the most phenomenal thing you will ever do. To abide with Jesus is to bond with him, to praise him, to love him. Abiding with Jesus can let us, “bear fruit”. When we abide with Jesus and can bear fruit, this means to stick with him so we can produce the most delightful fruit. When we “produce the most delightful fruit” this phrase means to be saved from our sins. At King’s I can bear fruit when I make choices that Jesus would want me to, or to love everyone and forgive.”

“The denotation of abiding is, “Accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision, or recommendation.” Although my connotation would be, together as one. I would describe it this way in the sense that if I were to abide with Jesus, I am joining him. I am becoming one with the trinity. I abide with Jesus by asking for forgiveness, admitting that I did wrong and that I believe in him. My Bible helps me abide in Jesus more than anyone could ever know. I read about him, and about his miracles. I read about the mercy of God. Prayer also helps me abide in the Lord.

“It may be hard to abide with Jesus, but anybody can do it! What I think abide means is that you stay within or near Jesus. Abiding with Jesus is a positive thing. He also helps you bear fruit by following him and trying to be like him. What it means to bear fruit is that Jesus helps us sprout great and wonderful acts; and give to others, like kindness and other gifts. Some things that help me abide in Jesus are praying and communicating with him, being silent, and listening to him. If you follow Jesus and abide in him everything will be better.

Together Washington Christmas!
THANK YOU to all of our generous families for the incredible donations of clothing and gifts this last week. Thank you for your partnership and support on the Christmas Food and Toy drive. I wish you could’ve been there in person to see the thousands of smiles from children and families as they received something during this season. 2500 people were blessed through the ministry of Together Washington this week!

Inspiration happens at King’s Elementary! Take a look.

6th Grade Publishing Party!
For the past few weeks, 6th-grade students have been writing a letter to their favorite children’s Christmas author. Today students shared their final drafts in our “Publishing Party” and addressed envelopes which will be mailed out soon!


Pinatas in 4th Grade!
Mrs. Walsh’s class has a great time showing their artistic flair!

The Season of Giving: Third Grade
In lieu of a Christmas gift from their teachers, 3rd-grade students voted on a gift for a needy child from the World Concern Global Gift guide. Students watched a video from World Concern (https://vimeo.com/488639184/11d2667c13). Each class voted on one of three gift options that their teacher purchased in their name. Each student also received a Global Gift Guide to take home. Christmas is the season of giving and we are thrilled to share this gift with our students!”

Christmas Spirit Week
Mrs. Elliot’s Class – Green Christmas Spirit Day!

Mrs. Ness’ Class – Remote Learning Christmas Craze Day!

Mrs. Chacon’s Class – Remote Learning Christmas Craze Day!

Mrs. Lonac’s Class – Remote Learning Christmas Craze Day!

 Making Gingerbread Houses: First Grade

  Fourth Grade Science: Plate Tectonics Fun!