Elementary Newsletter | 2-12-2021

Please direct questions to Kim Gillies at kgillies@kingsschools.org


Art with Purpose – 3rd Grade

Amazing, Heart-filled SERVE DAYS!

Re-enrollment for 2021-2022: January 27 – February 10, 2021
Look for a re-enrollment email on January 27th.  Be sure to re-enroll ($150) early to ensure priority student placement and a savings of $75.  After 9:00 pm on February 10, the re-enrollment fee will be $225.  We are currently interviewing new students for 2021-2022.

 Elementary Temperature Screening Volunteers
 We need volunteers currently at the intermediate south and east doors. Please sign up to help if you are able!  The teachers and staff greatly appreciate your help. Any questions?  Contact Lindsey Sharp linzini@gmail.com

School Spirit Days
Mondays and Fridays are school spirit days whether students are on campus or remote!  Wear your school colors – red & white and celebrate our school! Classes within their grade levels may compete to see who has the most school spirit!

King’s Kids Club
KKC is open during Spring Break. Attendance must be reserved. If you would like to save a spot for your child/children, please email Kim Gillies. There is still room in the KKC before and aftercare. Before school care is from 7:30 a.m. – 8:15 a.m. and after school care is from the end of the school day to 6:00 p.m. KKC follows the school calendar. Contact Kim Gillies with questions at kgillies@kingsschools.org.

Box Tops for Education
 Make a difference for King’s Elementary School every time you shop. Use the Box Tops app to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add cash to King’s Elementary School’s earnings online. From playground equipment to technology to library books, this money can be used for additional school supplies! Sign up today!

Health and Safety: Outdoor Recess
We are making every effort to send students outside for exercise and fresh air during recesses – in the sunshine, cloudy weather, rain, wind, or snow (much like the US Postal Service). Please send your students dressed appropriately for the weather (boots, coats, rain gear, snow gear, extra socks, etc.). Your children’s teachers are considered essential workers – they need the fresh air and movement also!

Carpool Pick-up
Parents, PLEASE, do not park on the street and walk to get your child. PLEASE, follow the pick-up guidelines and go through carpool. THANK YOU to all the parents following the carpool pick-up guidelines so well. We appreciate you!

PLEASE Replace Student Masks
Please check your student’s mask. Be sure to check the fit of the mask your child is wearing to school.  If it is loose or falls below the nose you need to purchase a new mask.  Mask protocol states that masks should be washed daily.  There should be 2-3 extra masks in your child’s backpack for emergencies. Thank you!

Parents:  Follow Procedures Please!

  • Please follow protocols for early dismissal, appointments, or picking up work due to absences at the office. When you are in the parking lot call the office.  Remain in your car.  We will walk your child and/or books and work out to you.  Thank you!
  • Afterschool pick-up – please do not park your cars and walk to pick up your students. We need you to follow protocol and go through a carpool to pick up your child.  Carpools have been finishing by 2:50 pm.

Office Communications
When you are emailing the office, please be sure to email Mrs. de Langen at mdelangen@kingsschools.org and Mrs. Kim Gillies at kgillies@kingsschools.org.

Any change in student pick-up at the end of the day needs to go through the office.  This is the only way to be sure your student gets the message.  Please call the office at 206-546-7258 by 2:00 pm.

KIDS Praise!
KIDS Praise is on Wednesdays at 8:45 am!  Join your son or daughter virtually for KIDS Praise led by our Student Ministries Coordinator, Mrs. Hoke.

Medication at School
During the course of the school year, your child may need to take medication at school. A “Permission to Administer Medication Form” must be completed with a physician and parent signature. All medications, OVER-THE-COUNTER and PRESCRIPTION, require a completed form and must be in their original containers. Prescription medications, including inhalers, must have a prescription label. Please label OVER-THE-COUNTER medications with your student’s first and last name. Forms are available in the school office or on Parents Web.