Preschool Newsletter 2/26/2021

King’s Preschool: Please contact Principal Ruby Jain at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Our teachers have been busy this month! In our Blue Room, Mrs. Hiller and Ms. Sioson taught their beloved Pre-K students all about our founding fathers and prominent African American leaders for the month of February. They counted all of the presidents in U.S. history and focused on Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, and of course, George Washington. For Black History month our Blue Room teachers discussed the important roles Garrett A. Morgan and George Washington Carver played in our country’s history.

Our student friends in the Yellow room continued to focus on the importance of friendship along with the values of cooperation and kindness.

Our Green Room students loved exploring watercolors this week and expressing themselves through painting. We loved seeing their creativity come alive!

And finally, our teachers in our youngest classroom focused on community workers, such as firefighters and nurses, and the letter “P”! The students were able to dress up as various community workers and learn about the important roles they play in keeping our world safe and healthy.

As always, we are so thankful for our teachers and families who help make our learning environment safe, fun, and full of exploration and learning!

Until next time-
The King’s Preschool Family